VMware ESX 3 barely supports Netware

I completed my company’s ESX upgrade this weekend.  Part of it was upgrading VMware Tools on the Netware 6.5 machines.  I read through all of the documentation I could find and the most it said was that I had to click “Install VMware tools” for the affected VM’s.  I was skeptical, but tried it anyway.  That method alone didn’t work.  I called VMware.  They had no help for me.  They found the same documentation as I did, and came up with nothing.  The only answer came from a GSX 3.2 document.  These instructions work:

1. Power on the virtual machine.

2. Prepare your virtual machine to install VMware Tools.

Choose VM > Install VMware Tools.

The remaining steps take place inside the virtual machine.

3. Load the CD-ROM driver so the CD-ROM device mounts the ISO image as a volume. Do one of the following.

  • In the system console for a NetWare 6.5 virtual machine, type
  • In the system console for a NetWare 6.0 or NetWare 5.1 virtual machine, type
    LOAD CD9660.NSS
  • 4. When the driver finishes loading, you can begin installing VMware Tools. In the system console, type

    When the installation finishes, the message VMware Tools for NetWare are now running appears in the Logger Screen (NetWare 6.5 and NetWare 6.0 guests) or the Console Screen (NetWare 5.1 guests).

    5. Restart the guest operating system. In the system console, type
    restart server

    This tells me what I already knew.  Netware is dead.


    2 responses to “VMware ESX 3 barely supports Netware

    1. The VMWare tools are on an ISO.

      Locate the ISO and copy it to an existing volume. Then track down the nss commands to mount an ISO image as a volume.

      Or review your NW6.5 CNE courework, sir.

    2. Gordon Paterson

      Just what I was looking for, thanks Harry.
      Although I am not as pesimistic as you about NetWare, we are enthusiastic users and have no plans to move from 6.5. That is the beauty of VMware, we can keep running NetWare after the hardware manufacturers stop writing drivers for it.

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