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A great website for unlocking/cracking PDF’s

I have occasionally needed to unlock or crack a PDF file.  Usually it’s because I want to print the file, and printing is not permitted.  It never takes more than a simple Google search for “Crack PDF” or “Unlock PDF.”  Some downloadable software comes up.  That’s not necessary unless security is an issue to you (ironic doncha think?).  This website works perfectly.  Just upload the file and it spits out a perfectly usable PDF file.


I got a virus from Technorati!

I was looking at Technorati a couple of days ago.  I clicked on the “Help” link.  McAfee popped up that it caught a virus and deleted it.  I then clicked help again and my machine got infected with a version of the “Internet Security 2010” virus.  What is that all about?  Was it another bogus ad pushed through to mainstream sites?  I don’t know, but it took me 3 hours to clean it up.  I’ll post about the cleanup in a little bit.  Has anyone else experienced this with Technorati?

I was running Windows XP with IE7.

Sorry about the formatting of this page.

I checked my site today and saw that it’s all messed up.  The formatting and fonts are messed up.  I’m in the process of troubleshooting.  I may change the theme temporarily.  I’m very sorry about this, but unfortunately it’s beyond my control.  Thanks!

Update: It appears to be a problem with the global theme.  I have checked other blogs using the same theme and they are experiencing the problem.

 Update 2: Fixed.  Thanks WordPress!

Hello world!

OK, now what?