InfoWorld magazine is coming back (sorta)

 I got happy news in my inbox today.  I subscribe to InfoWorld editor Steve Fox’s newsletter (and so should you).  He said that InfoWorld has decided to create a weekly printable mini-magazine called InfoWorld Express.  Steve describes it as:

Instead of having to hunt across all of assembling a collection of columns, articles, and reviews, readers have been asking for a select subset of InfoWorld‘s best weekly content (kind of like the old print magazine), delivered in a single, integrated, printable package. In response, we’ve created “InfoWorld Express,” an all-in-one PDF featuring the previous week’s top articles, as chosen by InfoWorld‘s editors. That means the best of our columns and blogs — Cringely, Schwartz, Margulius, Yager, Rist, Off the Record, Test Center Reviews — plus a weekly feature article, and more will arrive in your inbox every Friday after you register here. And, yes, if you miss InfoWorld magazine, feel free to print the whole thing out and read it in bed … or wherever a monitor would be impractical.

This is awesome news.  Thanks Steve!


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