I’m pretty sure IE9 sucks

I have been a loyal IE user since Windows 95.  I even had IE installed on my iMac back in the 90’s.  I’ve stuck with IE on Windows 7 even though I have Firefox and Chrome installed.  IE just doesn’t work in every situation.  For some reason I can’t edit forms properly on some sites.  I’ve noticed this on Invision Power Board based sites.  There are other sites where the menus won’t load right or the ads are in the wrong spots.  It’s very annoying.  I try the same site on Chrome and magically it works!

One of the most peculiar IE9 issues I run into is with ConstantContact.com.  Constant Contact tells me that I’m using IE7!  WTF?  I know this is ConstantContacts fault, but that’s pretty messed up.

Microsoft likes to compare their browser to Chrome and Firefox.  They claim they have more features.  Good for them, but the basic features DON’T WORK!

I think I need to change browsers.


2 responses to “I’m pretty sure IE9 sucks

  1. Haha, IE9 can run it in 16 different modi, that sucks. Maybe that is that the site told you are running IE7. The worst thing is that the normal user is not capable to see or know the differences between these modes but it is easy to turn it ‘on’ by accident (compatibility mode). Again a bad mistake of Microsoft. IE is also always a bad mistake, it will loose the game! A important thing in this is that the blue ‘e’-logo is not equivalent to the internet, users must see that there is another better world to browse the internet. Devloppers must stop applying hacks to look the same, when it is worse it is. Leave the past behind and step into something new. Firefox for example is a stable and secure browser. Always problems with IE, for the users but also very important, for the developer and the costs to create a new website. IE and Microsoft sucks!

    Choose somethings else except IE!

  2. want ie8 back–stinking microsoft keeps downloading rotten ie9–I AM GETTING AN IMAC

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