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Nothing more important to a techie than…FOOD

Many people believe that the most important thing to a technologist is technology. In my opinion, that’s incorrect. The most important thing to a techie working in NYC is food. And in NY we’ve got tons of it. From Europa to Street Meat, White Castle to Hallo Berlin, there’s lots to eat. Here’s a blog that feeds the need for food info. Midtown Lunch says that “if you’re looking for a quick Midtown lunch for under $10, the good places require a little more digging.”

Today ML features Ressie Mae’s Soul Chicken and Waffles. This looks too good to be true!

Ressie Mae Soul Chicken and Waffles


Let’s get this started.

My name is Harry.  I work in IT for a well known company in NYC.  It’s a great company and I love being there.  I get to work on all kinds of technology from desktops, to servers, to storage, to virtualization, to gadgets, and lots of other stuff.  I also keep up with the industry from all kinds of  sources such as blogs, magazines, tech sites, and word of mouth.  I’m curious and opinionated.  Let’s see where this blog goes.