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Beware the HDMI Cable scam.

I recently aqcuired an HDTV and PS3.  The PS3 doesn’t come with an HDMI cable, so I went searching the internets and Best Buy for the best cable.   Monster Cable seems to have the most hype.  There are a few other cable manufacturers as well.  I was about shell out $100+ for a cable until I read this…  “Maybe this will help people understand HDMI cables.”   A gentleman going by the name of RUSirius explains the makeup of and differences between HDMI cables.

 Not all HDMI cables are the same, but they do meet the requirements of the HDMI specification.  There is a company called that is a cable wholesaler.  Monoprice sells individual cables over the internet.  I purchased an HDMI cable from Monoprice for $17 and am extremely impressed.  The cable is thick and sturdy.  The picture is impressive.  And the best part is that I saved at least $100.  Read the article above and don’t get sucked in by the Monster hype.

I know some people aren’t comfortable with a no name like Monoprice.  Apple also sells a cable for $20.

 Greetings to!  I posted this because I knew it would help people and save them some money too.  The PS3 is expensive enough.  No need to get robbed on a cable too.  Have a great day!

 Update 2: I see that Opposable Thumbs picked up on my post.  I am not registered there, so I will comment here.  The HDMI Cable Scam is meant to take advantage of people like us who are into technology and gaming.  We don’t like inferior equipment or getting ripped off.  I’m glad you put that post together.  It’s important that people know what their choices are. 

Also, we are being very generous to Monster.  Their cables are easily over $100.  Especially when you get into the gold plated, nitrogen infused stuff.  You said it best.  If you see an $80 difference, then keep the Monster cable.  Otherwise, no reason to get ripped off.