I got a virus from Technorati!

I was looking at Technorati a couple of days ago.  I clicked on the “Help” link.  McAfee popped up that it caught a virus and deleted it.  I then clicked help again and my machine got infected with a version of the “Internet Security 2010” virus.  What is that all about?  Was it another bogus ad pushed through to mainstream sites?  I don’t know, but it took me 3 hours to clean it up.  I’ll post about the cleanup in a little bit.  Has anyone else experienced this with Technorati?

I was running Windows XP with IE7.


3 responses to “I got a virus from Technorati!

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  2. Ill help you

    Start / Control Panel / Add/Remove Program / McAfee Piece of Shit / Uninstall.

    there you go, all done

  3. Oh and stop using Internet Explorer … If you dont, then expect a lot of trouble.

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