WordPress is growing in a hurry Part 2

I posted on March 12th that “WordPress is growing in a hurry.”  WordPress was up to 762,426 blogs that day.  It’s now exactly 3 months later and WordPress is up to 1,069,492.  That’s an increase of 307,000+ blogs in just three months.  I’m extremely impressed with the growth.  WordPress deserves all of the good that comes it’s way.  It has created an amazing software package for the price (free).  Wordpress’s founder Matt Mullwenweg is someone that gets it.  He recently blogged about WordPress’s 4th birthday and said

It’s not about selling out to a single company, it’s dozens of companies independently adopting and backing an open source platform for no reason other than its quality.

 Matt is wise beyond his years and we are all better for it!


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