When you think you’ve seen it all in IT, you haven’t.

I’ve seen anything and everything in my years working in IT.  I’ve seen things I’ve been told I wouldn’t or couldn’t see such as Token Ring, Novell, and Twinax.  I’ve seen Cisco back-plane failures, UPS failures, and computer voodoo.  And what I saw today is high on the list.

I just ordered a couple of HP dl585 servers.  One was a pre-built system and the other was a config-to-order.  The pre-built system showed up a couple weeks ago.  The box was so banged up that it looked like the server fell out of the truck.  The box looked like moldy swish cheese.  Unfortunately we accepted delivery and were somewhat stuck with it.  We powered it up and it worked perfectly.

Today I received the CTO server.  The box was in good condition.  There was no sign of trouble.  We rack the server and try to boot.  The server refuses to boot, and gives us blinking yellow lights.  We track down the error to Processor 1.  We remove the heat sink and processor, and what do we find?  Bent pins in the processor socket.  The irony of it all was suffocating.

I ordered the replacement parts and should be getting them tomorrow.  This is why I love IT.  IT is like those Choose Your Own Adventure books from when i was a kid.


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