It’s always amusing dealing with resellers, vendors, manufacturers, and the other assorted shysters.

My company is installing a second SAN and VMware environment. Our integrator is a California based company that used to make their own storage hardware. They’re tight with EMC. I like them. They have worked hard for us, though there have been some rough spots.

We used these guys for our first VM-SAN installation. They did something dopey by forgetting to put SnapView in the Statement of Work (SOW). I have had to chase them down to finish the installation. It’s a year later and it’s still not done. One big reason is that we haven’t needed it and another is we were both procrastinating. So this new project has come around and everyone is being extremely thorough.

My company needs to begin installation of this new environment next week. My boss, their PM’s, and me have been trying to nail down the SOW all week. We were getting to late in the day Friday and they were sending messages saying that we needed to sign the SOW. My boss and I felt good about the SOW overall and we’re ready to sign. My boss signs the SOW and fax’s it to them. Three minutes later they send a message saying “I guess we scared him into signing. Another one for the good team.” Only problem for them was that they forgot to remove me from the “team” email.

I feel a little insulted by this. They didn’t scare us into anything. We were working hard to get it correct. We are getting everything we want; not out of fear and coercion. I know it’s naive, but I feel that they are our partner and that our success is their success. Taking care of us should be #1 for them.

Why am I sharing this? Probably because I’m annoyed. I’ll have to talk to my “teammates” on Monday.


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