What’s going to happen to the PC?

I want to begin studying the future of the PC as we know it.  I have a potential answer, but I want to avoid jumping to conclusions.  That wouldn’t be fair to me or you (my beloved reader).  My general feeling is that the PC is headed for the museum, especially in corporate settings.  And if so, what replaces it?  We’ll see if that holds up.


2 responses to “What’s going to happen to the PC?

  1. Definitely a possibility in the corporate setting. We have only seen the beginning of why it must go – network security, customer information security, Help Desk support overhead, etc.

    There are several interesting possible replacement technologies out there. Fun to keep on eye on.

    As far as at home though, it will be tough to dislodge the PC. Perhaps if game consoles, media centers, etc. continue to expand functionality. But they have to be more flexible and update-able (both by the user and their “admin”) to begin to making a dent in the PC world.

  2. The PC (home computers) still has a life in the home. I don’t see that going anywhere. I think it’s role is going to expand as you stated.

    I have to say, the PS3 is the best $600 computer anywhere.

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