Apple Servers are Missing One Key Component (and maybe 2)

Apple likes to think they are at the cutting edge of the tech industry and they are in many ways.  One way in which Apple falls short is in extended warranty support for the Xserve.  The Xserve is Apples 1U rack-able server.  They make an accompanying product called the Xserve RAID.  The Xserve RAID is a box of disks.  My company has an Xserve and the RAID box.  It is going out of warranty and Apple does not sell an extended warranty plan.  Our only option is per incident support, and/or to purchase spare parts and keep them on hand.  Other than that, we are on our own.

Servers these days are capable of running for more than 3 years without replacement.  There is nothing wrong with our box.  Apple wants to break into the server room, but they don’t provide the support to do it.

The second thing that Apple is missing is the ability to run OS X virtually, but that’s a whole other story. 

Apple Xserve

2 responses to “Apple Servers are Missing One Key Component (and maybe 2)

  1. yes apple is a great company thnks for infos !!!

  2. Yeah Apple support is kinda funny. They really want to have their cake and eat it too. Building OS X was a brilliantly nerdy move, and kind of daring since Apple’s appeal had previously been
    to those who were command line phobic. But the techs in the early X days (10.0 and 10.1) were not at all shy about telling callers that they were not able to support the BSD system fully as it was not really an Apple product.

    So you either hung up infuriated or they were able to help with whatever idiotic error produced the call in the first place.

    We have an XServe that we got back in the summer of 2005 and it has performed well in terms of hardware. However, I gave it a break over the summer and shut it down, and when I fired it back up for the fall semester DNS was broken and none of my 100 users could authenticate. Luckily I had created a local user account on all the workstations. But after an hour or two with an Apple tech on the phone, rebuilding the server was the only available option. It’s a small lab so I just let the users work locally and take responsibility for their own files. The server provides a share where they can save to, but does nothing else. Maybe the Leopard server release will have a more stable Workgroup Manager …

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