The Visual Ops Handbook: Starting ITIL in 4 Practical Steps

I’m going to be talking about this a lot (hopefully) in the near future.  Basically, my IT department needs a major improvement in the change management and unplanned work area.  Things have gotten more chaotic and for no good reason.  I recently read an article (which I cannot find) from InfoWorld.  It talks about how ITIL could be useful in situations such as mine.  I decided to purchase a book that I think will give me a good foundation of what ITIL is in general and how to implement it.  The book is called The Visual Ops Handbook by Kevin Behr, Gene Kim, and George SpaffordIt’s available at your local Amazon.


3 responses to “The Visual Ops Handbook: Starting ITIL in 4 Practical Steps

  1. Hope you love the book! Let me know if you have any questions or need help!



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  3. This is a fantastic book. I’ve always been dubious about the value of documentation and procedures and other (from an admins point of view), make work. The thing is that this turns your best people from the ones creating the problems to the ones preventing them. Good stuff.

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